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My name is Kasia Robinson, a.k.a Kasia Meow.


I’m a photographer, musician, aerialist and I’m in love with many forms of Art.


I started my romance with art and photography back in high school in Poland, where I was born and finished my education with degrees in Art Studies & Design and Masters in Philosophy.


I've booked many hours as an event photographer, editorial photographer, e-commerce photographer, assistant photographer, and photo editor.

In 2013 I came to San Francisco to continue my adventure specifically with photography and art. Since then my work's been featured many times in Vice Magazine,, The Quietus, and lots of other publications in both in the US and the UK.

Also: the creator of Meow's Imaginarium, my tribute to all the wonderful musicians I admire.


Photography is both my passion and profession. I’m constantly learning, chasing nonstandard beauty, people’s passions, finding soul in simple objects and falling in love with light. 

Personally I’m also a control freak, mostly in cases of lighting and details, and a crazy cat lady.



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